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Updated October 16, 2007

Welcome to We hand craft fine ActiveX™ Controls, design connectivity software that allows Windows® to connect to Unix and AMOS hosts and write MPEG-2 based encoding, decoding and control applications.

What's New?

TSReader, an MPEG-2 transport stream decoder/recorder version 2.8 is now available. A major step forward for easy and reliable manipulation and analysis of MPEG-2 transport streams.

What's Here?
  Find out more about COOL.STF. Who we are and what we do. You can also find our Y2K info there.
  Read about ZTERM 2000 - the 32-bit host connectivity product that ties Windows users to AMOS and Unix host computers.
  Connect your Windows CE device to Unix and AMOS hosts with ZTERM for Windows CE
  Add LPR compatbility to Windows CE with our LPR driver.
  Learn about the ActiveX Controls we publish, including dial-up networking, SCSI, FTP and more.
  Visit our Visual Basic Site Useful information for VB developers.
  Check out our AMOS related products including the free EZD for AMOS utility.
  Follow the orbit of SBS-4 with the SatTracker2 ActiveX control. Requires MSIE 3.x
  Download the products that we offer
  Get details on Ordering our products.

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